Cruising the New Or Used Car

You need a new car, you have driven the old one for a while and the thought of another car, a shiny new one that will break down on you halfway through is not a good idea. Therefore you need to cruise the car that you have now and finally decide that you need a new one. When you finally come to your decision and go to the car lot you see that your old car is now labelled as a “certified pre-owned vehicle.” Certified means that the car has been inspected by a department of a motor vehicle and the dealer’s warranty is active and has been extended.

The dealer has given you the warranty document and/or the manual which must be followed for driving a car. Also, there are ways to extend the warranty. How much the warranty will cost depends on the type of car, the age of the car and the mileage. If you go over the outline of the warranty you may end up paying more money. There are a variety of plans to help with the extended warranty.

It is best to know what is covered under the warranty in order to know what to expect when your car actually breaks down. This is why research is so vital. Instead of automatically going to the dealer, ask your friends or relative who they had to repair or service and ask them how fair or excellent the price was. Consider if you had a good, bad experience and talk to a few dealers to find out if they were burned by the shop.

You should know what the items covered are, they are listed on the paperwork you received like a logbook so try not to forget. The list of items includes electrical, radio, seat and steering; additionally, bumpers, wheels and tires are also included. The type of repair or replacement that is covered when you buy a car is listed on the dealer’s order form. If you are unsure ask for a list, most if not all will be very upfront with you about what is covered.

If you are rebuilding the car or have replaced the transmission you will be responsible for paying for the transmission rebuild even though it is usually not included in a warranty. As well because you are rebuilding the car you should know that your warranty will be voided without prior notice, even if you are on a bridge toll recognized by the IRS. For a small fee or maybe even free your service department will take the initiative and provide you with a consignment warranty. This means that if your car needs any major work your dealer may be able to put a group together to cover the cost of the warranty for you. It would be best to know about the group that offers this prior to making the purchase.

The day you bought the car you agreed to a warranty on the new vehicle and were never told that the warranty you signed is not good for the amount of time that it is in effect. For those of you who are reading your warranty, the period of time your “bumper to bumper” warranty is in effect is normally limited to 12,000 miles. Upon placing the order for the warranty you were made aware that your vehicle would be covered up until the warranty runs out, while the other 7 years/50,000 miles are covered. Ask yourself if you really need that warranty.

Many of the new car dealerships selling vehicles over $15,000 are able to offer a hardship warranty on all vehicles over that amount. These warranties can include all your airbags, anti-perforation and emission systems. For less expensive vehicles or vehicles having less than 18,000 miles, those items may be excluded. If you are purchasing a vehicle like that you can still have an extended warranty on the vehicle and get a lower-priced vehicle, that does not have the added costs of an extended warranty. Many times you can purchase a vehicle warranty before the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It all depends on what is covered under the warranty.

With a vehicle warranty, you are covered if certain types of damage occur and it is stated on your warranty. So, if you buy a car that becomes disabled over 200,000 miles you should not worry about your warranty. All you need to do is find a licensed Porsche Cars distributor who will extend the warranty, get all the parts and read over the service records. I am positive you’ll never have to add to your warranty again. A Porsche Cars windshield traverse will get you where you need to go. Your Porsche is an investment that holds a high resale value. So, protect your investment today!

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