The Chevrolet S 10 – The Other Guy’s hobby

Most guys get to admire beautiful vehicles like other guys do because of their moms. But not all men can just get a hot rod, just like not all women can be beauty conscious.

If you are not one of the lucky ones who have a mom who can turn their handsy mufflers into the sweetest sounds, you can get your sweet ride with a car modification.

One of the more popular car modifications is installing a stereo system. Stereo systems can make your music so sweet you will want to sing along with it.

In my case, for my stereo, I chose the old beat up “muffler” stereo that my Dad gave me when I was eleven years old. It had a KTC subscription to play CDs but no auxiliary input. I didn’t mind though because a few of the buttons were broken, just old age. From the radio, I loved the local news and sports on the clear radio.

For the installed stereo, I wanted something with more room, so I went online to get a stereo. I went with the best looking one at the time (a Bowers & Wilkens BX2266H), with a 6-disc auto-changer, that held my CDs on a dump stick, just like my pedal box, installed it up and took up more space than I needed.

The speakers were Firing our car so they would be accessible without having to rummage through my packed belongings on the floor, but I didn’t need that big stereo with the big loudspeakers, I needed something smaller that could record a tune without the big loudspeaker. I looked at the road ahead and noticed a deer on the side of the road, so I pulled over.

I got out of the car to take a look. At first, I thought I had hit it. The deer was about 30 yards away, but it looked like a usual sighting. It was still animated, and it was headed straight for the tree lines in the median that ran beside the road.

About 100 yards past the tree line, I saw what he’d hit. It was a hole in the leaf-covered street that was a quarter-mile long that ran alongside the road.

As I walked around to get a better view, I noticed the street that was about 125 feet by 150 feet that were stain-brown and uneven, as if it were a construction site around the corner.

I walked towards it, and then suddenly there it was a deer right where I stood. It breathed and charged past quickly, and I could see that it did have two headlights following it.

I slammed on my brakes at the same time as it did the same thing, and it took off down the driveway. I watched it for a few more minutes and then watched the left rear tire of the deer as it swerved around a bend. The thing that freaked me out was that its wheels were silhouetted against the trunk of the woods that were underneath the watched tree line. They were so slick, that I couldn’t tell what it was that it was stopping itself from running into.

I worked on it some more, and then the police came by and we waited and watched as the animal crossed the road. It must have been near one of the huge trees that were in that part of the woods because none of the other traffic seemed to notice it.

When no one was looking, I walked towards the tree line again and where I stood was exactly where the deer was about thirty-five yards away, at the base of a giant Red Oaktree. The Red Oak was thirty yards tall, and nearly 300 yards long, six or eight of those falling to the ground below. It was about a hundred and twenty yards away, and its undercarriage was obscured by the underbrush.

I noticed that after it passed a little way past the tree, where I estimated the underbrush was at least an inch thick, it stopped as if it was going to run into something. It then proceeded to run back across the road about 50 yards, and then turn sharply and go past the tree line.

I began to walk away from the tree as it went past because I could see its shadow on the far side of the road. It was travelling at least eight miles per hour, and it was travelling about a fourth of a mile per hour under the tree, as it went past.

After it went past the tree, it went over a hill and peered across the road where I estimated it took the car some distance past the tree to make the turn. The speed was probably only about 45 miles per hour when it went past the tree.

The speed was much faster than I had ever thought it would be, seventy miles per hour at least.

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